Commercial Economizers in Olathe Kansas

May 25, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Economizers operate very much on the same principle as opening a window on a cool day. If it’s warm inside your building, but it’s cooler outside, opening a window will bring that cool air inside and solve your heat issue. In most cases, that’s just not possible with an entire commercial or office building, so an HVAC economizer will produce the same result. It draws in outside air to cool the building when it’s cool enough outside, initiated by an indoor carbon dioxide sensor. The economizer itself is either built in or retrofitted to a rooftop unit. Having an economizer eliminates the need, thereby the cost (hence its name), of working your air conditioner when the outside air is cool enough to use.

For a typical office building, the HVAC system recycles 85 percent of its air from the inside and mixes the needed remaining 15 percent of outside air with the indoor air. When able to use the outside air due to its lower temperatures (usually 69ºF and cooler), the economizer’s dampers modulate to using 100 percent outside air for cooling. This saves the HVAC compressors, though in some instances they may still run in a moderate capacity to maintain the indoor temperature. This saves on electricity costs since the compressor either isn’t running or is running very minimally, and it adds to the compressor’s life longevity, also saving money on repairs and replacement.

There are different economizer models with different sensors and purposes, such as dry bulb, single enthalpy, differential enthalpy, and integrated differential enthalpy. One of our HVAC technicians can assess which type would best suit your needs and discuss a plan with you at your convenience.

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