Cutting Back on Your Company’s Electrical Bill

Jul 10, 2018 | Commercial

There are plenty of ways to cut back on your consumption without impeding your business’ productivity. Often times, owners and employees become preoccupied with their daily regimen, and don’t think about their energy consumption. A few simple routine changes can produce wonders, and help protect your bottom line.

Brought to you by the team at B & C Mechanical, here’s 7 ways you can save:

1. Keep Equipment Off After Hours

Leaving computers on standby instead of properly shutting them down means they’re wasting electricity for days at a time. The same goes for copiers, which many businesses leave running overnight. By making sure all equipment is turned off at the end of the shift, you’ll reduce your energy consumption.

2) Install Motion Detectors

Unused lights can be a serious nuisance to your overhead. You’ll pay more for electricity and bulb replacement. Motion detectors for your lighting system are a worthwhile investment, because they automatically eliminate the problem of unused lights.

3) Keep Your Thermostat at a Reasonable Temperature

When your HVAC setting is too cold, employees may bring space heaters to their desks, significantly upping the electricity bill. If it’s too hot, people may open windows, which makes your air cycle for too long, causing unnecessary consumption. Keeping the temperature reasonable will make your employees and customers happy, as well as lower your spending.

4) Use Power Strips

“Powered-off” equipment will sometimes continue to use electricity when plugged into a regular outlet. Power strips often have a feature that prevents this. Utilizing power strips more frequently is a smart and easy way to save.

5) Buy Programmable Thermostats

Just like the motion detector, programmable thermostats are a great way to automatically enforce energy savings. You can change the settings so your HVAC unit turns itself off during non-work hours.

6) Invest in LED or CFL Lighting

Non-florescent bulbs don’t last particularly long. While LED or CFL bulbs might seem like a big investment, they pay off in the long run. Sustainable bulbs make more sense than constantly paying for replacements.

7) Keep Doors Shut Whenever Possible

Keeping doors propped open may be convenient for loading supplies, but it’s not convenient for the business’s overhead. You’re causing your HVAC to run longer, and defeating the purpose of air conditioning/heating. Make sure your staff keeps the doors closed when not in use.

The utilities in Olathe, KS don’t come cheap. B & C Mechanical hopes these strategies help your business save money; they’ve certainly helped us! If you have more questions about increasing your energy efficiency, call us at 913.681.0088.

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